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The Team

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Erin Dean
HOSt - Founder

Growing up, Erin played the traditional mass market games, like Monopoly, Life, and Clue. In high school, she was gifted Ticket to Ride and that is when she fell in love with the board gaming hobby.

In the past, she has worked at Pieces: The St. Louis Board Game Bar & Cafe as a Game Navigator, as well as, Genius Games, a St. Louis board game publishing company, as a Video Intern. In the Spring of 2017, Erin released a short board game documentary on YouTube called, "The Board Game Boom," which has had a lot of success.

Erin truly has a passion for board games and is excited to start this new this new project. She is also currently writing, "For the Love of Board Games," a book about board game designers. It will launch on Kickstarter later this Summer.


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Jillian Schmett

Jillian is a blogger/reviewer for To Die For Games and a stay at home mom who enjoys spending her days with her little future gamers. She also loves Boston sports, particularly the Red Sox and the Patriots.



Kathleen Mercury

Kathleen teaches gifted middle school students in St. Louis, Missouri. For the past 10 years, she's taught game design to her 7th grade students and teaches RPG design, cosplay, film-making, and anything else weird and geeky she can to her 8th grade students. She maintains her website,, where she posts all her game design teaching resources for free and loves hearing from folks around the world who find and use them. 

Kathleen has two games under contract at the moment: Crash Course with IDW games and Dirty Dragons with Kolossal Games. Kathleen enjoys games that are as fun to play as they are to win so innovative gameplay and high thematic integration are her hallmarks. Eventually.



Vaughn Reynolds

Having discovered ancient relics like Hyborian Gates and Overpower as a kid, Vaughn Reynolds soon got hooked on things like Dungeons and Dragons (back when thac0 was a thing), Magic: The Gathering and Legend of the Five Rings. He spent his teenage years playing and teaching games to friends, eventually becoming a tournament organizer and beta tester for Alderac Entertainment Group. The highlight of his youth was running the Dragon Lord events at Gen Con 2001 for AEG’s Warlords: Saga of the Storm card game, crushing the skulls of his enemies under his boot! (he’s a bit competitive).

A few years ago, he launched I’m A Social Gamer, born from hosting weekly game nights for two years at local pubs and eateries. He turned it into an online blog, and as of January 2018 began doing previews and reviews for large and indie publishers alike. He is lucky enough to have a wife who turned out to love games as much as him, and also lucky enough that she also kicks his ass regularly at the games he thought he had mastered. You can follow him on his preferred social media platform: Instagram. His favorite game style is deck builder, his favorite genre is high fantasy, and his favorite color to play as is green!


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Daniel Robinson

Daniel Robison runs the board game channel Plumpy Thimble on YouTube. Having always been interested in games of all sorts, he began building his collection of hobby games in 2010 while working at a summer camp with limited dial up internet. It was there that he played Star Munchkin multiple times a day. While he rarely touches it anymore, it resides on his shelf as the first purchase he made to his personal collection. He graduated in 2010 from The Master’s College in Santa Clarita, California with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and now works full-time as an IT professional.



Jonathan Ying

Jonathan Ying is a game designer whose credits include Star Wars: Imperial Assault, DOOM The Board Game (2016), A Game of Thrones the Trivia Game, and Bargain Quest. He currently lives in San Diego California and has strong opinions on diversity and game design. He's worked both with big licenses and independent kickstarters. He's also an illustrator and children's book author. You can find more information on him and his games at